A-TECH Culture

Pursuit of the enterprise

Taking talent and technology management as the foundation, we create the best electronic circuit board products and services.

Mission of the enterprise

To create the greatest value for customers, employees and investors, and make contribution to the harmonious society

Vision of the enterprise

To be the leader in the electronic circuit interconnected world.

Business Philosophy

Customer supreme

As A-TECH is a service-oriented enterprise of high-tech characteristic electronic circuit board manufacturing, all the work should be customer-oriented.

The most immediate aim of A-TECH's work is to make customers satisfied. Without customers' satisfaction, all the efforts A-TECH has made cannot embody any value.

A-TECH sincerely care customers, trying its best to provide customers with services and promote the progress as well as the development of the customers.

A-TECH pay attention to the company's core competitiveness, building and enhancing the core competitiveness around customers' needs, and obtaining the biggest gains with the smallest input.

People first

A-TECH builds a staff team which has professional consciousness and spirit, professional quality, and excellent performance to ensure and promote its development.

A nation is a great nation only when she constantly makes her people become more rational and noble, and an enterprise is an outstanding enterprise only when she makes her employees' quality more excellent. A-TECH is to become such an excellent enterprise

A-TECH is concerned about employees' whole life. It cultivates employees day by day, making their personality improved and their skills enhanced, so as to become the pillar of Chinese society.

A-TECH should like an army, execute orders and proclaim prohibitions regarding the integration of staff force; it should never slack off, like a school, in the enhancement of staff quality; it should be full of love, like a family, in comforting employees.

Sustainability pursuing

Competition under modern market environment is the overall and lasting competition of the enterprise management quality; the final standard for examining whether an enterprise is successful or not is the living quality and living cycle of the enterprise.

Business operation is not 100-meter dash, but an endless marathon race. The most important thing to the enterprise is not short excellent performance, but the continuous and ceaseless improvement of management quality and vigor.

All appreciation must be generated in continuous existence; talking about the added value and expansion is meaningless without healthy living quality.

Imperishable noble spirit

Fostering imperishable enterprise culture is the work focus of A-TECH from beginning to end, the aim of which is to give the employees a reason that why they choose what is good and hold fast to it and why they unremittingly strive at A-TECH.

Like many other internationally well-known enterprises which are unfading for a hundred years, A-TECH believes: the value of a person is higher than that of a substance.


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