Quality Policy

As a professional custom pcb fabrication company, We totally understand quality is the foundation of a company for long term existing and developing, so quality always comes first for us.

"Be the Best" is our commitment as fully engaged employees of A-TECH Circuits to provide custom pcb products and services that meet or exceed our customers' expectations and meet all applicable standards and regulatory requirements. We accomplish this by:

1. Mitigating risks through preventive action
2. Seeking learning opportunities that develop our employees
3. Managing by objectives and facts
4. Using a Lean Sigma methodology to improve and control our processes
5. Continually improving the effectiveness of our established Quality Management System

At A-TECH Circuits, quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are the primary focus, Every employee is aware and proud of his or her individual contributions to the overall effort to continually improve the levels of quality and customer satisfaction. Quality is considered in every stage in pcb fabrication from development through distribution.


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