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We have realized the increasingly fierce competition in the field of PCB, in order to remain our competitive on fast pcb, cheap pcb, advanced pcb and continue to win the market, We always pay attention to do continuous improvement and strengthen self construction. The following are a few of our strengths:

1. We could provide PCB industry's fastest pcb turn on PCB prototype and guarantee on time delivery.

2. We can fulfill most of your PCB requirements and supply a wide range of PCB board, including rigid FR4 multilayer pcb, flexible pcb, rigid-flex pcb, metal core pcb, Microwave/RF pcb and HDI pcb, so you don't need to find new pcb manufacturer if you need some unusual PCBs.

3. We maintain a large inventory of stock PCB material to quickly service a wide range of PCB applications.

4. Our products and services are 100% guaranteed to be in accordance with IPC-6012 & IPC-A600F standards, and we're certified to IS09001-2008 and UL approval.

5. We provide free engineering review and support. You will be noticed if we find that your PCB design violates our technical requirements or has errors.

6. We're a full service PCB manufacturer, including low to medium volume PCB assembly capability.

7. Extremely fast response time to your needs with quick PCB quote within two hours and rapid service response time.

8. No MOQ requirements, even one piece of PCB board is acceptable.



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