Flex PCB manufacturer reportedly deliver samples for Apple iWatch validation

Flex PCB manufacturer Flexium Interconnect, Zhen Ding Technology Holding and Career Technology reportedly have delivered flexible PCB samples to be used in iWatch devices to Apple for validation, according to industry sources.

Apple is expected to unveil the iWatch wearable devices in Sep, the sources indicated.

Zhen Ding is presently the largest Flex PCB manufacturer for Apple and plans to invest over US$100 million to further ramp up its production capacity in 2014 due in part to increasing flexible pcb demand from Apple for production of its large-size iPhones and iPad products, said the sources.

Flexium's capex for 2014 is expected to reach NT$1.5-2 billion (US$49.6-66.12 million), mainly for ramping the output of its mid-range and high-end FPCB products, noted the sources, adding that Flexium is likely to see its revenues grow over 20% in 2014.

Career plans to set aside NT$1 billion to expand its production capacity in Taiwan and China in 2014, revealed the sources.


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