Flexible CCL manufacturer Taiflex expects revenues increase in 2Q14

Flexible printed circuit board CCL (copper-clad laminate) manufacturer Taiflex Scientific has forecast consolidated revenues of NT$2.25-2.75 billion (US$74.4-90.9 million) for second-quarter 2014, growing 13.7% on quarter and 2.1% on year.

Second-quarter consolidated revenues will mainly consist of NT$1.25-1.55 billion from flexible PCB CCL shipments and NT$0.95-1.15 billion from PV back sheet shipments, Taiflex indicated. Taiflex also expects gross margin of 20-24% and net operating margin of 10-14% for the second quarter.

Currently, Taiflex's five largest flexible PCB CCL clients are Taiwan-based flexible printed circuit board suppliers for Apple, the company indicated. Taiwan-based flexible PCB manufacturer account for 50% of Taiflex's flexible PCB CCL revenues. China-based manufacturer account for 30%, the company said.


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