Specifications or data files for PCB fabrication and quotation

PCB manufacturers always meet with the same problem, many customers require quotation while only provide PDF format files or JPG format picture, as we all know, it is available to make a roughly quotation for simple single-sided PCB and double-sided PCB, however, it is difficult to make accurate quotation for the complicated multilayer PCB more than four layers. In addition, PDF files or JPG pictures couldn't be used for PCB fabrication directly, only PCB format files or gerber files could be used for PCB fabrication. The following describes what information is need for PCB fabrication or quotation.

Firstly, It should be completed PCB design, the drawing should be designed by common software, such as Protel DXP, Powerpcb, PADS. For simple PCB can be also designed by AutoCAD software. But the file format need be PCB, ODB, Gerber, DWG, pcbdoc and so on. Moreover, PCB designed by some uncommonly used PCB software from some countries is unable to be manufactured in China, mainly because PCB manufacturer need to change PCB format files to gerber format files for PCB fabrication and China PCB manufacturer do not have this kind of software to convert PCB files.

Secondly, PCB specification should be indicated, such as total board thickness, copper thickness, solder mask color, silkscreen color, surface treatment (including gold plating, immersion gold, HASL, HASL(lead free), OSP and so on) as well as quantity required, after receiving these specification and PCB files, PCB manufacturer could start production or make an accurate quotation.

In addition, if PCB files or drawing is unavailable, PCB samples could be also provided and copy to generate gerber files for PCB fabrication.


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