The difference between Immersion Gold PCB and Gold Plated PCB

1. The crystal structure formed by Immersion gold and Gold Plated is different, The gold thickness of Immersion Gold is much thicker than Gold Plated, and Immersion Gold shows the colour of golden yellow, it looks more yellow and customers are more satisfied.

2. The Immersion Gold PCB has better solderability than Gold Plated PCB, it won't easy to cause defect on soldering, however, the immersion gold is soft compared with plated gold, so the gold finger PCB with immersion gold wear not so well.

3. the nickel-gold is only on Pads for immersion gold, it doesn't affect the signal since the signal transmission is on copper.

4. Compared with plated gold, the crystal structure of immersion gold is more compact, and not easily to be oxidized.

5. As the wiring density is increased, wiring short is easy to happen on plating gold, but it won't happen on immersion gold since only Pads have nickel-gold.

6. Immersion Gold is normally used for PCB board with high requirements and good flatness, The flatness and working life of immersion gold is as good as gold plating.

A-TECH CIRCUITS offers both Immersion gold PCB and Gold plated PCB, however, according to our experience and in terms of production lead time and quality controling, as a PCB manufacturer we prefer immersion gold, because Immersion Gold has shorter lead time in process and better performance on the quality of appearance.


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