The Design of custom PCB Size and Outline

Custom PCB outline and size is determined by the transmission way of SMT machine and assembly range.

1. PCB Outline

(1) when the PCB was positioning on SMT working platform and transfering PCB through platform, there will be no special requirements for the outline of PCB board.

(2) when directly using guide rail to transfer PCB, its outline must be straight. If it is a PCB with unregular outline, it must be designed with break-away to make PCB outline as a straight line.

2. PCB Size

(1)PCB size is determined by the range of SMT, engineers should consider SMT machine X and Y direction of the maximum and minimum size while designing PCB, as well as the maximum and minimum PCB thickness.

(2)When PCB size is less than the minimum assembly size, it must use the way of panelization, which can save time,improve the utilization rate of machines and efficiency of pcb assembly.


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