Insulation layer is the core technology of Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB structure is mainly divided into three layers: circuit layer, insulating layer and metal layer. After etching circuit layer form printed circuit, which is used for assembly and connection.

Compared with the traditional FR4 PCB, if both of them are using the same thickness and same line width, aluminum PCB can carry higher current. The function of insulation layer on aluminium pcb is adhesive, insulation and thermal conductivity, which is the core technology on metal core pcb.

Aluminum PCB insulation layer is the largest thermal conduction of the power structure. The better thermal conductivity of the insulation layer, the more it can help to spread the heat produced during the operation, so it will be better to reduce the operating temperature of the devices, so as to improve the power load of module, reduce the volume, prolong the service life, and improve the power output, etc.



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